What Is A Bedding Ceremony?

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The world is filled with diverse cultures and traditions, each with its unique customs and rituals. One such tradition that may not be widely known is the “bedding ceremony.” This ancient practice has historical roots in various cultures and is often associated with weddings and the celebration of love and commitment. In this blog, we will explore what a bedding ceremony is, its historical significance, and the cultural contexts in which it has been practiced.

What Is A Bedding Ceremony?

A bedding ceremony is a cultural or historical ritual that takes place on the wedding night or shortly after a wedding. It is often a part of wedding customs in certain cultures and signifies the consummation of the marriage. During this ceremony, family and friends may gather to witness the newlyweds entering their marital chamber, and symbolic or practical customs may be observed.

Historical Significance

The bedding ceremony has historical roots in various cultures and is associated with the celebration of love and the formalization of a marital union. It was traditionally practiced in societies where marriages were often arranged, and the ceremony served as a public declaration of the union’s consummation. Over time, as societal norms have evolved, the practice has become less common but is still observed in some regions and cultures.

Cultural Contexts

The bedding ceremony has been practiced in different cultural contexts, and its specific customs and significance may vary widely. Here are a few examples of how the bedding ceremony has been observed in various cultures:

  1. Chinese Culture: In Chinese weddings, the bedding ceremony involves a red wedding quilt that symbolizes good luck and fertility. The newlyweds kneel on the quilt and drink wine, signifying their union. Friends and family may gather to witness the event.
  2. Jewish Culture: In traditional Jewish weddings, the “yichud” is a private moment following the ceremony during which the newlyweds spend time alone together. While not a bedding ceremony in the conventional sense, it symbolizes the private and intimate aspect of marriage.
  3. Medieval Europe: In medieval Europe, the bedding ceremony was an essential part of weddings. It involved the couple being undressed by their attendants and placed in bed, often with the curtains drawn for privacy. The ceremony symbolized the public acknowledgment of the marriage and its consummation.
  4. Bedouin Culture: Among the Bedouin people, the bedding ceremony involves the bride being led to the marriage tent, where she is veiled and seated on a decorated bed. The groom then enters, and the couple is showered with blessings and well-wishes.

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Contemporary Observance

In modern times, the practice of a formal bedding ceremony has become less common, especially in Western cultures where privacy and personal choices are highly valued. However, elements of the tradition may still be observed in certain cultural or religious contexts.

Today, many couples choose to celebrate their love and commitment in more personal and intimate ways that reflect their individual values and beliefs. While the formal bedding ceremony may not be a part of every wedding, the underlying sentiment of love, commitment, and the joy of starting a new life together remains central to marriage celebrations around the world.


The bedding ceremony is a tradition with historical significance that has been practiced in various cultural contexts. While its observance has evolved over time, the core values of love, commitment, and the celebration of marriage continue to be at the heart of wedding celebrations. As cultural practices continue to change and adapt to modern values, couples may choose how they wish to celebrate their union, drawing from both tradition and personal preference to create meaningful and memorable wedding ceremonies.


What Happens In A Bedding Ceremony?

In the television series Game of Thrones, a bedding ceremony features in several episodes. It is conceived as a “Westerosi tradition following the wedding feast”, wherein the attendees forcibly undress and carry the newlyweds to their bed. The intention is to “celebrate a marriage’s consummation”.

What Is The Royal Bedding Ceremony?

According to Alison Weir, “One feature of medieval royal weddings that seems shockingly intrusive today was the public bedding ceremony, in which the newly wedded couple were put to bed together by their attendants and toasted by their guests, as the bed was blessed by a bishop or priest.

Did They Watch Royals Consummate?

4 Well into the 18th century in Europe, it wasn’t uncommon on the wedding night for select guests to escort the lucky royal couple to their private chambers for the bedding ceremony, where they would watch the nightgowned couple get into bed together. Simply lying together under sheets was considered consummation.

Is Bedding Ceremony Still A Thing?

A ‘bedding ceremony’ – aka the public consummation of marriage – is when wedding guests are invited to watch or eavesdrop on newlyweds during their first romp in the sack as married people. This coital wedding custom has been around since the Middle Ages, although it’s been pretty niche for the last 400 years or so.

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