Who Is The Author Of Roots?

The author of Roots was a well-known writer whose works of historical fiction and reportage depicted generations of African American lives. His book was adapted by ABC as a television miniseries of the same name. It was aired in 1977 to a record-breaking audience of 130 million viewers! In the United States, this book raised public awareness of black American history. Today, I will tell you everything about who is the author of the book Roots.

Who Is The Author Of Roots?

The author of Roots is Alexander Murray Palmer Haley who was an American writer. He was often known as Alex Haley. His first book was The Autobiography of Malcolm X which was published in 1965. It was a collaboration through numerous lengthy interviews with Malcolm X. Alex was working on a second family history novel at the time of his death. He even requested David Stevens to complete his book. This book is now published as Queen: The Story of an American Family.

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About The Author Of Roots

Alex Haley Roots’ author was born in Ithaca, New York, and was the eldest of three brothers and a half-sister. The author used to live with his family in Henning, Tennessee before returning to Ithaca with his family. Alex’s father Simon Haley was a professor of agriculture at Alabama A&M University. His mother Bertha George Haley was grown up in Henning. The entire family had Mandinka, African, Cherokee, Scottish, and Scottish-Irish roots.

Just like his father, Alex enrolled at Alcorn State University and later enrolled at Elizabeth City State College. His father often felt that Alex needed discipline and convinced him to enlist in the military. In 1939, Alex started his career in the United States Coast Guard. During his service in the Pacific theatre of operations, Alex taught himself the craft of writing stories. However, the other sailors often paid him to write love letters to their girlfriends.

After retiring from the US Coast Guard, Alex began another phase of his journalism career. Alex eventually became the senior editor for Reader’s Digest magazine. He used to write an article for the magazine about his brother George’s struggles. He listed down the struggles to succeed as one of the first black students at a Southern law school.

The novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family is based on his family’s history. The author claimed to be the seventh-generation descendant of Kunta Kinte. In fact, his work on the novel involved twelve years of research, intercontinental travel, and writing. This novel was published in 37 different languages. In fact, the author also won a special Pulitzer Prize for his work in 1977. 

The author worked with the Walt Disney Company to develop an Equatorial Africa pavilion for its Epcot Center theme park. But the pavilion was not built due to political and financial issues. Later, he started working on his second historical novel based on another branch of his family. Unfortunately, he couldn’t finish writing the novel “Queen”. Now, you must be wondering how did Alex Haley die. The author died of a heart attack in Seattle, Washington on 1992. His body was buried beside his childhood home in Henning, Tennessee. The author of Roots was married to three different women and had three children. Alex Haley’s children are Cynthia Haley, William Alex Haley, and Lydia Haley.

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How Much Of Roots Was Plagiarized?

Walker’s book had been based on the life of her great-grandmother, a slave in Georgia in the era before and after the Civil War. Dr. Alexander, a prominent author and scholar, claimed that parts of Haley’s book, Roots, had been “largely copied” from her own, citing thirty-five examples of plagiarism.

Is Roots Based On A Real Story?

As a historical novel, Roots’ essential narrative echoed the experience of many African slaves and their families – but it is now widely agreed to be a novel and a work of imagination and invention.

What Were They Chanting In Roots?

I knew they were not going to be able to overtake the ship, but as the chanting intensifies (“Oh my brothers, dance!”) I still got chills. Parts of this episode felt rushed, which is to be expected of a story that covers over a hundred years.

What Year Did Alex Haley Write The Book Roots?


Roots: The Saga of an American Family is a 1976 novel written by Alex Haley. It tells the story of Kunta Kinte, an 18th-century African, captured as an adolescent, sold into slavery in Africa, and transported to North America; it follows his life and the lives of his descendants in the United States down to Haley.

What Is The True Story Of Roots?

Alex Haley’s 1976 work Roots is not based on a true story. Haley has stated that Roots is a historical fiction novel since it is a fictitious story but is based in a historically factual era.

When Was Alex Haley Born And Died?

Internationally known author Alex Haley was born in Ithaca, New York, on August 11, 1921, and died in a Tennessee hospital of complications from diabetes in February 1992.

 What Is Author Alex Haley Known For?

Author Alex Haley (1921-1992) was best known for works depicting the struggles of African Americans. Raised in Henning, Tennessee, he began writing to help pass the time during his two decades with the U.S. Coast Guard.

When Was The Book Roots Written?


Roots, a novel by Alex Haley, was published in 1976. It portrays the story of Kunta Kinte, an 18th-century African, captured as an adolescent and sold into slavery in the United States, and follows his life and the lives of his alleged descendants in the U.S. down to Haley.


Alexander Murray Palmer Haley is the real author of Roots who was often known as Alex Haley. The novel Roots emphasizes that black Americans have a long history and not all of the history is necessarily lost. Due to this, the popularity also sparked increasing public interest in genealogy. The author of Roots mostly enjoyed spending time listening to the music/piano.

Is Roots based off a true story

Is roots based on a true story?