Who Is The Author Of Night?

The author of Night mostly wrote books in French and English. The novel Night is based on the author’s Holocaust experiences in the Nazi German concentration camps at Auschwitz and Buchenwald. The Night book is just over 100 pages of sparse and fragmented narrative. So, today, I will reveal who was the author of Night in this post. 

Who Is The Author Of Night?

The author of Night was Elie Wiesel who was a Romanian-born American writer, professor, political activist, and Nobel laureate. Elie is a Holocaust survivor who wrote Night based on his experiences as a Jewish prisoner. The author was a professor of the humanities at Boston University. In his honor, Boston University created the Elie Wiesel Center for Jewish Studies.

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About The Author Of Night

The  Elie Wiesel was often involved with Jewish causes and human rights. Night’s author helped to establish the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. Elie even was active in politics where he campaigned for victims of oppression in different places. This included South Africa, Nicaragua, Kosovo, and Sudan. In fact, he also publicly condemned the 1915 Armenian genocide.

You must be surprised to know that Elie remained a strong defender of human rights during his lifetime. In 2003, he was described as the most important Jew in America by the Los Angeles Times. In 1986, the author was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. However, the Norwegian Nobel Committee called him a messenger to mankind.

The author was born in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, Sighet to Sarah Feig and Shlomo Wiesel. His family often spoke Yiddish, German, Hungarian, and Romanian at home. Elie’s father encouraged him to learn Hebrew and to read literature. On the other hand, this mother encouraged him to study the Torah. The author said, his father represented reason while his mother promoted faith!

Elie had three siblings; older sisters Beatrice and Hilda and one younger sister Tzipora. His older sisters survived the war and were later reunited with Elie at a French orphanage. The family later emigrated to North America. Beatrice later moved to Montreal, Canada but Tzipora, Shlomo, and Sara didn’t survive the Holocaust.

The author of Night Elie married Marion Erster Rose who also translated many of his books. The couple had one son and the family lived in Greenwich, Connecticut. Elie Wiesel even served as the Washington University in St. Louis commencement speaker in 2011. He often used to speak against the unauthorized practice of posthumously baptizing Jews.

Elie died in 2016 at his home in Manhattan at the age of 87. A private funeral was conducted in honor of him at the Fifth Avenue Synagogue. And then he was buried at the Sharon Garde3ns Cemetery in Valhalla, New York. In fact, Utah senator Orrin Hatch paid tribute to Wiesel. In 2018, antisemitic graffiti was found on the house where the author was born.

Do you know who published Night by Eli Wiesel? The novel Night written by Elie was published by Hill & Wang publishing company. This book was also published by MacGibbon & Kee of London in the same year. Now, you must be wondering when was Night published. This novel was published in 1956 and was also selected for Oprah’s Book Club in 2006.

Wherese the author of Silent Night is Joseph Mohr who was an Austrian Roman Catholic priest and writer. He was a generous man who often donated most of his salary to charity.

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Is Night A True Story?

Night is a memoir based on real events, so it is classified as nonfiction. When Elie Wiesel wrote Night, he described his own experiences in Auschwitz.

Who Is The Author And Narrator Of Night?

Eliezer. The narrator of Night and the stand-in for the memoir’s author, Elie Wiesel. Night traces Eliezer’s psychological journey, as the Holocaust robs him of his faith in God and exposes him to the deepest inhumanity of which man is capable.

When Was Night Originally Written?

Post-Holocaust Art

while she did not—Elie Wiesel’s Night (originally in Yiddish, 1956), and works by Primo Levi are some of the most memorable in the field of literature.

What Happens To Elie In Night?

Eliezer is struck with food poisoning and spends weeks in the hospital, deathly ill. When he finally raises himself and looks in the mirror—he has not seen himself in a mirror since leaving Sighet—he is shocked: “From the depths of the mirror,” Wiesel writes, “a corpse gazed back at me.”

What Is Elie Wiesel Most Known For?

Eye-Witness and Messenger. The Jewish author, philosopher and humanist Elie Wiesel made it his life’s work to bear witness to the genocide committed by the Nazis during World War II. He was the world’s leading spokesman on the Holocaust.

What Is The Main Idea Of Night By Elie Wiesel?

The novel is widely considered one of the greatest pieces of Holocaust fiction. The main idea of the novel involves Eliezer pondering God’s existence and nature in the face of the untold brutality of the Holocaust.

Is Night A Fictional Book?

Night is a memoir based on real events, so it is classified as nonfiction. When Elie Wiesel wrote Night, he described his own experiences in Auschwitz…


Elie used to teach in both Religion and Philosophy departments at Boston University. The university also created the Elie Wiesel Center for Jewish Studies in his honor. Elie was a Distinguished Professor at the City University of New York. The author of Night was even a member of the American Federation of Teachers. 

Is the book Night a true story

Who is the narrator of night?