Read the book and want to know about Author Of Les Miserables here? Les Miserables is a french historical novel that was published in 1862. This novel is considered to be the best novel in 19th century. Lets now talk about the who is the author of the novel les miserables.

Who Is The Author Of Les Miserables?

The Author Of Les Miserables is Victor-Marie Hugo, a French poet and writer.He was a novelist, essayist, playwritter and dramatist. In his life time author of Les Miserables also wrote like lyrical, satires, epics, poems, epigrams, novel, historical books, essays(critical), Speeches, Orations, public letters and private letters. 

About Author Of Les Miserables

The Author of Les Miserables book Victor Marie Hugo is known as one of the best and most renowned French journalists. Apart from France, his most popular books are Les Misérables, 1862, and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (French: Notre-Dame de Paris), 1831. 

In France, Hugo is well known for his verse assortments, like Les Contemplations (The Contemplations) and La legende des sicles (The Legend of the Ages). Hugo was at the head of the Romantic artistic development with his play Cromwell and the play Hernani. A large number of his works have motivated music during his lifetime and also after his passing away. This includes the melodic Les Misérables and Notre-Dame de Paris. He made about 4,000 drawings, and helped many social causes like the abrogation of capital punishment.

In spite of the fact that Victor author of les miserables was royalist his thoughts changed over decades. Hugo became a republicanism supporter and served many politicians including deputy and senator. His work addressed a large portion of the political and social issues and arts of his time. His resistance to absolutism and his massive artistic accomplishment laid out him as a public legend. He was ownered in the Pantheon.


Who wrote the book Les Misérables is based on?

The book Les Miserables is wrirtten by Victor-Marie Hugo, a French poet and writer.

Why did Victor Hugo write Les Misérables?

Victor Hugo wrote Les Misérables to make everyone realise the life that is lived when in difficult time. 

What is Les Mis based on?

The book Les Mis is based in true story about Eugène-François Vidocq. It abou Eugène-François Vidocq turning from a crime to anti crime.

What was the author’s purpose for writing Les Misérables?

The purpose of Hugo writing Les Miserables was that he wanted to show the effects of the social injustice that was occurring in France during the 19th century.


If you are book reading and love reading some realistic and political books that Victor Hugo books are for you. Les Miserables is till date counted as the best book of the time. If not read yet then you must definitely read the book after knowing the Author Of Les Miserables.

We have covered everything regarding Author Of Les Miserables 

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Les Miserables novel by Victor Hugo


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