Who Is The Author Of Hatchet?

The author of Hatchet was best known for wilderness survival stories. The book Hatchet is the first novel of five in the Hatchet series. Other series are also hit among kids and adults. In today’s post, I will give you detailed information about the author of the book Hatchet.

Who Is The Author Of Hatchet?

The author of Hatchet is Gary James Paulsen who was a famous American writer of children’s and young adult fiction. Gary wrote more than 200 and more than 200 magazine articles and short stories.

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About The Author Of Hatchet

Hatchet’s author was born in Minneapolis to Oscar Paulsen and Eunice Paulsen. Gary’s father was a career Army officer who departed soon after Gary’s birth to join General Patton’s staff. He directly saw his father at age 7 when he and his mother sailed to the Philippines to join him at his Army base.

Gary and his mother lived in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Later, his mother took him to live in Chicago when he was 4. She sent him to live with relatives on a farm for a year before World War II ended. The author graduated from Lincoln High School in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. He also attended Bemidji State University but later dropped out. It is claimed that he have to join the Army at age 17. His services only began when he was 19 or 20.

Paulsen served in the United States Army between 1959 and 1962. Here, he got the rank of sergeant while working with missiles. However, his Army service also brought him to New Mexico a place he later choose to settle.

Hatchet is one of the best-known novels by Gary Paulsen. But, do you know when Hatchet was published? The book Hatchet was published in 1986. While the other series included The River (1991), Brian’s Winter (1996), Brian’s Return (1999), and Brian’s Hunt (2003).

His other well-known books were Dogsong and The Winter Room. He also won the annual award in 1997 for publishing six books: Dancing Carl, Hatchet, The Crossing, The Winter Room, Canyons, and Woodsong. The Hatchet genre was famous for encompassing a survival theme in all its aspects, physical as well as psychological. 

Three of Hatchet Gary Paulsen’s books were runner-ups for the Newbery Medal. It is the premier ALA annual book award for children’s literature. Those books were Dogsong, Hatchet, and The Winter Room.

The author’s first two marriages ended in divorce. In the mid-1960s, he met his third wife Ruth Wright. Gary had two children from this first marriage (Lynn and Lance) and a son (Jim) with Ruth. Later, in 1990, Paulsen suffered from heart disease. While suffering from this disease, he decided to give up dog sledding. He describes this as the most difficult decision he had ever made in his life!

The author of Hatchet the book often spend more than a decade sailing the Pacific before getting back to dog sledding in 2003. Gary was a hunter and trapper, who maintained a 40-acre parcel north of Willow, Alaska. Over here, he bred and trained sled dogs for the Iditarod.

Now, you must be wondering what was Gary Paulsen’s cause of death. Paulsen died due to cardiac arrest at 11.30 AM. He was 82 years old at the time of his death.

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Is Hatchet Based Off A True Story?

No, Hatchet is not based on a true story. Some adventures and stories that Paulsen experienced inspired some of the events in the book, such as the plane crash, but Hatchet is a fictional piece of literature.

Who Is The Illustrator Of Hatchet?

Drew Willis

This special anniversary edition includes a new introduction and commentary by author Gary Paulsen, pen-and-ink illustrations by Drew Willis, and a water resistant cover. Hatchet has also been nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read.

Why Did The Author Write Hatchet?

Gary Paulsen’s life experiences have heavily influenced his writing. His early difficulties with his family, as well as his love for and struggles with nature, become central themes in Hatchet and in most of his works.

How Is The Author Of Hatchet?

Hatchet is a 1986 Newbery Honor-winning young-adult wilderness survival novel written by American writer Gary Paulsen. It is the first novel of five in the Hatchet series.

Is Hatchet A Horror Book?

Hatchet firmly straddles the line between horror and comedy, and pulls it off with ease.

What Is The Main Message Of Hatchet?

What is the main lesson in Hatchet? Hatchet includes several prominent lessons. The overarching message is that humans have a strong survival instinct. Brian, a thirteen-year-old, is able to adapt to the harsh environment and survive in harmony with nature.

What Happened To Brian At The End Of Hatchet?

At the end of Hatchet, thirteen-year-old Brian Robeson, who has been trapped in the Canadian wilderness after a plane accident, decides to dive for a “survival pack” from the submerged aircraft. He almost drowns trying to tear the plane open. He recovers, among other things, an emergency transmitter.


Gary used “coming ages” themes in most of his novels. His novel characters master the art of survival in isolation. The author of Hatchet‘s works often featured the outdoors and highlighted the importance of nature.