Who Is The Author Of Ben Hur

In this post, you will get to know about the author of Ben Hur. Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ is a well-known novel that was launched in 1880. This novel is considered one of the most influential Christian books of the 19th century. You can keep on reading further to know more about the author of Ben Hur.

Who Is The Author Of Ben Hur

The author of Ben Hur is Lewis Wallace. Lewis was an American lawyer, Union general in the American Civil War, and governor of the New Mexico Territory. Along with the author, he was also a politician and diplomat from Indiana.

About The Author Of Ben Hur

The writer of Ben Hur has written several novels and biographies. But Lewis was best known for his historical adventure story, Ben Hur. This novel became the bestselling novel at that time.

The author of Ben Hur’s military career included service in the Mexican-American War and the American Civil War. Later on, he was also appointed as Indiana’s adjutant general. In fact, he even commanded the 11th Indiana Infantry Regiment.

Lewis also took participation in the Battle of Fort Donelson, the Battle of Shiloh, and the Battle of Monocacy. Later on, he even served on the military commission for the trials of the Lincoln assassination conspirators.

In 1865, Wallace resigned from the U.S. Army. Later, he briefly served as a major general in the Mexican army. From 1878 to 1881, Lewis was appointed as governor of the New Mexico Territory. After retirement, Lewis started writing in his home in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

The author of Ben Hur was married to Susan Arnold Elston. Lewis Wallace’s wife was the daughter of Major Isaac Compton Elston. The couple had only one son named Henry Lane Wallace who was born in 1853.

The author of Ben Hur’s first novel was The Fair God. This novel was not published until 1873. Later on, the book sold seven thousand copies. Ben Hur was the author’s second and best-known novel. 

Now, what is the story of Ben Hur? Let me tell you in short. Ben Hur is an adventure story of revenge and redemption. This story is told from the perspective of a Jewish nobleman named Judah Ben-Hur. In fact, this book made him the wealthiest man and established him as a famous author! It was Harper and Brothers who published the book on 12 November 1880.

There is also a movie named Ben-Hur (released in 2016). Below, I have listed down the Ben-Hur cast and their characters.

  • Jack Huston: Judah Ben-Hur
  • Nazanin Boniadi: Esther

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Is The Movie Ben Hur Based On A True Story?

No, the movie Ben-Hur is not a true story, it is a fictional story.

What Was Lew Wallace Famous For?

Lew Wallace was famous for his historical novel named Ben Hur.

Is There A Ben Hur In The Bible?

Yes, the name Ben Hur appears once in the Bible. It is the name of one of King Solomon’s twelve district governors.

Who Played Jesus In Ben Hur?

The opera singer Claude Heater played the role of Jesus in Ben Hur.

What Is The Story Behind The Author Of Ben Hur?

The story behind the author of Ben Hur recounts the adventures of Judah Ben-Hur. He is a Jewish price from Jerusalem.

What Does The Word Hur Mean In The Bible?

Hur (also spelled Chur) (Hebrew: חור) was a companion of Moses and Aaron in the Hebrew Bible. He was a member of the Tribe of Judah. His identity remains unclear in the Torah itself, but it is elaborated in rabbinical commentary.

Is Ben-Hur About Jesus?

Ben-Hur is considered a Christian novel, perhaps the most influential one of all time. It uses the fictional character of Judah Ben-Hur to work as an allegory for Jesus’ life. The two men are depicted as having existed at the same time, both Jews in Roman-occupied Israel, and their lives mirror each other.

How Historically Accurate Is Ben-Hur?

So where did the story begin? In a book, actually. Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ is an 1880 novel by American author Lew Wallace. And since it’s a novel, that means the tale of Ben-Hur is 100 percent fiction, wholly created by Wallace.


The sales of the novel Ben-Hur were slow at the beginning. Later, in 1889, the book was published by Harper and Brothers who translated the book into several languages. Thus, that’s all you need to know about the author of Ben Hur.

Who wrote Ben-Hur and why

Who wrote Ben-Hur?